Precision with hand
and seal – the DSM
calibration lab.
Here you get to know everything about our calibration lab
• Accredited from the DAkkS
• Calibration of measuring systems
• Preparation of calibration protocols

DSM runs a calibration lab acc. to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, which is accredited and controlled by the German accreditation service (DAkkS).

For a lot of DSM customers an important advantage which often also saves time and additional costs. At the headquarter Aalen, Germany, we calibrate measuring systems and measuring sensors in our certificated calibration lab. The inspection of the national standards as well as the calibration is relevant for new products and of course also for older DSM products.

We calibrate ne wand old DSM products, but also nutrunners and torque transducers from other manufacturers.

The DAkkS calibration protocols, prepared from DSM, record the proof of the traceability to the national standard of the German Metrology Institute, the PTB, in Braunschweig, Germany.
  DSM is accredited for the following measurands:
• Torque
• Direct voltage
• Direct voltage proportion
• Direct current power

Calibration of single components
In former times it was necessary to combine all single components, which were needed for the determination of a measuring result, in a measuring section to then be able to calibrate them as one device. But, if a component of this measuring section has been modified, exchanged or added, the calibration was worthless.

DSM has calibration equipments which make it possible to calibrate every single component of a measuring section like e.g. measuring electronic, sensors etc.. This method is accepted from the DAkkS. By this procedure an estimation of the measuring inaccuracy for the complete measuring section is possible. The advantage: a significant saving of costs and time.

DAkkS Accreditation, English (PDF, 422KB)

DAkkS - Who we are, English (PDF, 1.704KB)