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DSM Messtechnik.


In addition to the control systems for tightening and press-in technique, DSM offers a digital measurement system for the quality assurance of process operations. The QS-Box countermeasurement device can be used for monitoring and checking as well as adjusting or calibrating tightening and press-in systems. This flexibility enables use of plug-in modules for the most common measuring sensors.

The benefit of the modern digital measuring system is an interference-free signal transmission, the direct status indicator in the immediate vicinity of the measuring point as well as an intelligent memory block. The stored sensor data is automatically set upon connection to the QS-BOX. In the case of repeat calibrations, only the sensor is calibrated and not the entire measuring chain.

Measuring technique

  • Measurements possible in online and offline mode
  • Measured value recording and graphics monitoring
  • Data storage directly on CF card or on the PC
  • Test equipment monitoring with integrated measuring system
    • QS-Box
    • The QS-Box is a compact, extremely versatile countermeasurement device. It processes both analogue and digital measuring signals All the standard measuring sensors can be connected via corresponding slide-in modules. Via the DSM-Digital channel, you are provided with all options of a modern digital measuring system with the QS-Box

      • Countermeasurement equipment for monitoring and calibration
      • Tube case made of aluminium, shock-resistant plastic cover
      • Insert for DSM measuring modules
      • Measurements possible in online and offline mode

      Product datasheet QS-Box
      (PDF, 539KB)

      • Measured value recording and graphics monitoring
      • Data storage in online mode via QS-Center software
      • Data storage in offline mode directly on CF card
      • 4 LED status display
      • USB interface for connection to the PC
      • RS232 interface


      • Plug-in power supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz | 24V DC / 1 A
      • Bracket for wall and table assembly
      • Ethernet TCP/IP module for network connection
      • QS-Center software
      • QS slide-in modules
      • SCI module
      • Digital torque and force sensor