• IO extension
  • ToolControl
  • IO extension is an extension to the standard inputs and outputs of the DSM control systems. The device is automatically detected and controlled by the DSM system bus interface. In the sequence programming, the inputs / outputs can be used for any control tasks.

    Connection option of up to 16 modules on one control unit.


    • Stable aluminium housing with fastening bores
    • Status indicator for inputs / outputs
    • DSM system bus functional control
    • Reset button
    • System bus interfaces input / output
    • Connection of the I/O level via terminal blocks or circular connectors


    • IO extension 4/4S: 4 inputs, 4 outputs;
      I/O connection via terminal blocks
    • IO extension 4/4C: 4 inputs, 4 outputs;
      I/O connection via circular connectors
    • IO extension 8/8S: 8 inputs, 8 outputs;
      I/O connection via terminal blocks
    • IO extension 8/8C: 8 inputs, 8 outputs;
      I/O connection via circular connectors

    Product datasheet IO extension
    (PDF, 225KB)

  • ToolControl is the intelligent tool changing box: If a tool is removed, it automatically calls the correct screw programme. Controlled by the screw control system, ToolControl shows the installer which tool is currently required in the screw process.


    • Intelligent programme preselection dependently of the tool and/or monitoring of the programme or screw sequence
    • Automatic detection and assignment of other tool replacement boxes
    • Cascadable up to max. 32 tools
    • Connection to the control system via just one DSM system bus cable
    • Optional interfaces: Profibus, Ethernet for integration into the PLC
    • Stable aluminium cast housing with mounting brackets
    • Adapted tool inserts made of plastic


    • TC8: for 8 tools up to max. 25 mm diameter
    • TC4: for 4 tools up to max. 40 mm diameter
    • TC2: : for 2 tools up to max. 72 mm diameter

    Product datasheet ToolControl
    (PDF, 296KB)

    Flyer ToolControl
    (PDF, 334KB)