First-class products –
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Product range
  • Tightening technique
  • Press-in technique
  • Handling systems
  • Measuring technique
  • Workstations
  • Control system
  • Modular structure – tailor-made technology

    DSM offers electrical hand-held nutrunners and nutrunners for manual, automated, and fully automatic assembly processes. They are characterized by their wide variety, and highest level of reliability and precision. DSM nutrunners are not only available in varied torque versions, but also with a diverse range of drive and attachment modules. Indeed, it is possible to use DSM cutting-edge technology for virtually every application case.

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  • Press-in technique from DSM - for optimum connections

    In the field of electromechanical press-in units, DSM covers a force range of 50 N to 120,000 N. In line with requirements, we equip the press-in units with a greater stroke, return stop or electromechanical brake. Thanks to in-house production, customer-specific designs are possible. The distance can be measured relatively or absolutely. The distance measuring procedure to be used is set in the control system. In digital joining technology, DSM offers two series: the QMP series and SMP series.

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  • Keep your employees healthy!

    In the case of daily repetitive actions, the tool gets more difficult over time, if one adds reaction torque and incorrect positioning of the tool to this, then conditions in the shoulder-arm system cannot be ruled out. Thanks to the DSM handling stand, the weight of the nutrunner or tool is balanced in a load-free way, so that safe, simple and effortless handling is guaranteed. DSM offers advanced hand-held devices for the tasks and fields of the application of the hand-guided and partially automated assembly.

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  • Exactly to the point: DSM Messtechnik

    The QS-Box countermeasurement device can be used for monitoring and checking as well as adjusting or calibrating tightening and press-in systems. This flexibility enables use of plug-in modules for the most common measuring sensors. This means that each sensor type can be equipped with the right measuring module. Furthermore, DSM offers linear modules for tool-free assembly of countermeasurement equipment (rotating torque sensors) on the DSM nutrunners without lengthy process interruption.

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  • Individual solutions tailor-made, typically DSM.

    Automation of production processes is becoming increasingly important. We have the right solution concept for tightening, pressing, joining or testing. We develop solutions with you which meet your product’s requirements - regardless of whether this is an individual component such as nutrunner with placing unit and feed or complete manual / partially automated manual workplaces. What can we do for you?

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  • The control system

    Control system with digital measuring signal processing for nutrunners and press-in units – the perfect choice for semi-automated and (fully) automatic processes. By combining intuitive user friendliness and first-class functionality, DSM control systems offer all users the option to achieve high-precision measuring results. A future-oriented basis is created based on the modular hardware and software concept, which meets the current requirements in tightening and press-in technique.

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