under one roof

efficient and high-quality


Welcome to DSM

Tightening and press-in techno­logy – both under one roof, both excel­lently designed. This is a rarity. 

One which is sought after on an inter­na­tional scale: As a tradi­tional and innova­tive expert in the field of tightening, press-in and measu­ring technique, we at DSM are regarded as one of the leading global provi­ders of precision techno­logy for assembly processes.

DSM Messtechnik is an indepen­dent, owner-managed family company.

Our clear commit­ment to a German location is a common theme which featured in our 40-year company history.

As well as our high quality standard. The two go hand in hand: At our headquar­ters in Aalen, in the Swabian mountains, our experi­enced specia­list team develops and produces all DSM products in an efficient manner and to a high quality.

Regard­less of whether serial produc­tion or a customer-specific solution is involved.