Robot app­li­ca­ti­on

Screw set­ting unit

The screw set­ting unit SEL is modu­lar – it con­sists of the SEL base modu­le with a DS nutrun­ner that is adap­ted to the robot and the SEL cou­pling modu­le with vacu­um mouth­pie­ce. The cou­pling modu­les, desi­gned for dif­fe­rent screw geo­me­tries, can be exch­an­ged without tools and are cou­pled to the base modu­le and pneu­ma­ti­cal­ly locked.

For a mix-up-free pla­ce­ment of the cou­pling modu­les, the SEL inter­ch­an­ge­ab­le device offers space for up to 5 cou­pling modu­les – the respec­ti­ve cou­pling modu­le is stored in a sui­ta­ble holder.

Screw set­ting unit


(1) Equip­ped with the SEL screw set­ting unit, the robot moves to the tool chan­ge posi­ti­on and dis­con­nects the cou­pling modu­le. The robot moves the SEL to the bit chan­ging machi­ne to pick up the bit which is sui­ta­ble for the screw joint. (2) The cou­pling modu­les are in pick-up posi­ti­on. The robot posi­ti­ons the base modu­le on the cou­pling modu­le with the cor­rect mouth­pie­ce. The cou­pling modu­le is locked and con­nec­ted to the base module.

(3) The screw is picked up by the vacu­um mouth­pie­ce with nega­ti­ve pres­su­re and pla­ced at the screwing joint by the robot – the tigh­tening pro­cess is star­ted. The screw is tigh­te­ned several turns, then the mouth­pie­ce is lifted up from the screw head and the screw is tigh­te­ned until the final tigh­tening sta­ge is reached – this pre­vents tor­que dis­tor­ti­on due to fric­tio­n­al torques.


  • SEL Basic modu­le
    Basic modu­le with adap­t­ati­on for nutrun­ner (DS or others)
    Spring out­put
    Quick-release bit hol­der
    Bla­de hol­der
    Pneu­ma­tic-electric sup­ply interface
  • SEL Cou­pling modu­le
    Cou­pling modu­les for dif­fe­rent screw geo­me­tries
    Docking of the cou­pling modu­le to the base modu­le with pneu­ma­tic lock
    Cou­pling modu­les tool-free exch­an­ge­ab­le
    Cent­ring pins for a defi­ned pick-up posi­ti­on
    Poka-Yoke coding for error-free pla­ce­ment in the inter­ch­an­ge­ab­le device
    Vacu­um mouthpiece
  • SEL Inter­ch­an­ge­ab­le device
    Space for 5 cou­pling modu­les
    Max. 5 hol­ders, adap­ted to the spe­ci­fic cou­pling modu­le (Poka-Yoke coding)
    Locking bolt for locking / unlo­cking the cou­pling modu­le
    Line­ar unit for exten­ding the hol­ders moun­ted on the exch­an­ge­ab­le plate