Robot application

Screw setting unit

The screw setting unit SEL is modular – it consists of the SEL base module with a DS nutrunner that is adapted to the robot and the SEL coupling module with vacuum mouthpiece. The coupling modules, designed for different screw geometries, can be exchanged without tools and are coupled to the base module and pneumatically locked.

For a mix-up-free placement of the coupling modules, the SEL interchangeable device offers space for up to 5 coupling modules – the respective coupling module is stored in a suitable holder.

Screw setting unit


(1) Equipped with the SEL screw setting unit, the robot moves to the tool change position and disconnects the coupling module. The robot moves the SEL to the bit changing machine to pick up the bit which is suitable for the screw joint. (2) The coupling modules are in pick-up position. The robot positions the base module on the coupling module with the correct mouthpiece. The coupling module is locked and connected to the base module.

(3) The screw is picked up by the vacuum mouthpiece with negative pressure and placed at the screwing joint by the robot – the tightening process is started. The screw is tightened several turns, then the mouthpiece is lifted up from the screw head and the screw is tightened until the final tightening stage is reached – this prevents torque distortion due to frictional torques.


  • SEL Basic module
    Basic module with adaptation for nutrunner (DS or others)
    Spring output
    Quick-release bit holder
    Blade holder
    Pneumatic-electric supply interface
  • SEL Coupling module
    Coupling modules for different screw geometries
    Docking of the coupling module to the base module with pneumatic lock
    Coupling modules tool-free exchangeable
    Centring pins for a defined pick-up position
    Poka-Yoke coding for error-free placement in the interchangeable device
    Vacuum mouthpiece
  • SEL Interchangeable device
    Space for 5 coupling modules
    Max. 5 holders, adapted to the specific coupling module (Poka-Yoke coding)
    Locking bolt for locking / unlocking the coupling module
    Linear unit for extending the holders mounted on the exchangeable plate