Handling systems

HST series

Precise, reaction-free and extre­mely light handling in the entire workspace. Absorp­tion of all reaction forces and compen­sa­tion of the torque for safe, simple and effort­less assembly.

Fixed sequences have to be observed by a lot of appli­ca­tions of the hand-guided and the semi-automated assembly. Equipped with an XY(Z) sensor system and integrated positio­ning electronic, the handling stand extends the function­a­lity of your tightening system. The PoSys positio­ning electronic monitors in conjunc­tion with a higher-level control system that the required sequence is observed.
No screw will be forgotten and even complex tightening sequences can be speci­fied and monitored. Or you select the corre­spon­ding sequence program on your DSM control system via the screw position.

Position control

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HST series


Advanced handling – precise, reaction-free, clever

  • Handling stand
  • HST (without sensor system)
  • HST-XY (with integrated position monitoring)

HST-40 | HST-40-XY

  • Reaction torque up to max. 40 Nm
  • Tool weight max. 5 kg
  • Vertical stroke (Z) 400 mm, horizontal stroke (Y) 300 mm

HST-150 | HST-150-XY

  • Reaction torque up to max. 150 Nm
  • Tool weight max. 15 kg
  • Vertical stroke (Z) 720 mm, horizontal stroke (Y) 450 mm

HST-300 | HST-300-XY

  • Reaction torque up to max. 300 Nm
  • Tool weight max. 30 kg
  • Vertical stroke (Z) 850 mm, horizontal stroke (Y) 600 mm

HST-600 | HST-600-XY

  • Reaction torque up to max. 600 Nm
  • Tool weight max. 40 kg
  • Vertical stroke (Z) 750 mm, horizontal stroke (Y) 550 mm

Further infor­ma­tion

Equip­ment options

  • Balancer for counterbalancing
  • Various handle versions
  • Tool holders


  • Magne­ti­cally holding device
  • Ceiling support
  • Stroke limiter for Y‑axis / Z‑axis
  • Fall protec­tion for horizontal arm
  • Retainer for the remote display