Hand­ling systems

HST seri­es

Pre­cise, reac­tion-free and extre­me­ly light hand­ling in the ent­i­re works­pace. Absorp­ti­on of all reac­tion for­ces and com­pen­sa­ti­on of the tor­que for safe, simp­le and effort­less assem­bly.

Fixed sequen­ces have to be obser­ved by a lot of app­li­ca­ti­ons of the hand-gui­ded and the semi-auto­ma­ted assem­bly. Equip­ped with an XY(Z) sen­sor sys­tem and inte­gra­ted posi­tio­ning elec­tro­nic, the hand­ling stand extends the func­tio­n­a­li­ty of your tigh­tening sys­tem. The PoSys posi­tio­ning elec­tro­nic moni­tors in con­junc­tion with a hig­her-level con­trol sys­tem that the requi­red sequence is obser­ved.
No screw will be for­got­ten and even com­plex tigh­tening sequen­ces can be spe­ci­fied and moni­to­red. Or you select the cor­re­spon­ding sequence pro­gram on your DSM con­trol sys­tem via the screw position.

Position control

Fill in the inqui­ry form, save it and send it to DSM by e‑mail or
add the saved form to the con­ta­ct form via file upload.

HST seri­es


Advan­ced hand­ling – pre­cise, reac­tion-free, clever

  • Hand­ling stand
  • HST (without sen­sor system)
  • HST-XY (with inte­gra­ted posi­ti­on monitoring)

HST-40 | HST-40-XY

  • Reac­tion tor­que up to max. 40 Nm
  • Tool weight max. 5 kg
  • Ver­ti­cal stro­ke (Z) 400 mm, hori­zon­tal stro­ke (Y) 300 mm

HST-150 | HST-150-XY

  • Reac­tion tor­que up to max. 150 Nm
  • Tool weight max. 15 kg
  • Ver­ti­cal stro­ke (Z) 720 mm, hori­zon­tal stro­ke (Y) 450 mm

HST-300 | HST-300-XY

  • Reac­tion tor­que up to max. 300 Nm
  • Tool weight max. 30 kg
  • Ver­ti­cal stro­ke (Z) 850 mm, hori­zon­tal stro­ke (Y) 600 mm

HST-600 | HST-600-XY

  • Reac­tion tor­que up to max. 600 Nm
  • Tool weight max. 40 kg
  • Ver­ti­cal stro­ke (Z) 750 mm, hori­zon­tal stro­ke (Y) 550 mm

Fur­ther information

Equip­ment options

  • Balan­cer for counterbalancing
  • Various hand­le versions
  • Tool hol­ders


  • Magne­ti­cal­ly hol­ding device
  • Cei­ling support
  • Stro­ke limi­ter for Y‑axis / Z‑axis
  • Fall pro­tec­tion for hori­zon­tal arm
  • Retai­ner for the remo­te display