Spare parts and repair

As the user, the durabi­lity of products is a top priority — we guarantee the best produc­tion quality for you. Our products are developed with the highest of standards and with an indus­trial environ­ment in mind.

Regard­less of whether conti­nuous use or strong loads are involved

Even the best DSM product can sometimes be damaged. In this case, contact our repair and spare parts service.

In the case of unfore­seen problems, you will receive immediate support by phone. Repairs which cannot be dealt with or performed by oneself, are promptly taken care of by us.

We keep virtually all spare parts in stock in our warehouse, so that your DSM product will be swiftly ready for use again.

We are on hand to help you with our skilled service team.

DSM - Einblick Ersatzteile- und Reparatur