I/O Expander

The I/O Expander is an exten­sion for the MultiPro 3G control system.

The device is used to connect external compon­ents and DSM options comfortably.

I/O Expander


The distri­butor box “I/O Expander” is used for fast, flexible and safe signal connec­tion with the MultiPro 3G and is connected to the opera­ting equip­ment inter­face of the control system with its perma­nently fixed connec­tion cable.

This makes it possible – instead of costly indivi­dual wiring – to connect external compon­ents and DSM options (e.g. holding brake) comfor­tably to the distri­butor box with sensor-actuator cables and so connect them to the MultiPro 3G.


  • I/O Expander 4/4: 4 Ports, single;
    for the optionen RS, HB, MB
  • I/O Expander 8/8: 8 Ports, dual;
    8 inputs, 8 outputs