I/O Expander

The I/O Expander is an extension for the MultiPro 3G control system.

The device is used to connect external components and DSM options comfortably.

I/O Expander


The distributor box “I/O Expander” is used for fast, flexible and safe signal connection with the MultiPro 3G and is connected to the operating equipment interface of the control system with its permanently fixed connection cable.

This makes it possible – instead of costly individual wiring – to connect external components and DSM options (e.g. holding brake) comfortably to the distributor box with sensor-actuator cables and so connect them to the MultiPro 3G.


  • I/O Expander 4/4: 4 Ports, single;
    for the optionen RS, HB, MB
  • I/O Expander 8/8: 8 Ports, dual;
    8 inputs, 8 outputs