Robot application

Bit changing machine

Bit changing machine BWA with vertical lifting unit for moving the bit holder – uncoupling and coupling of the bit, horizontal lifting unit with tool places – moves the respective bit holder into position.

Bit changing machine


(1) The robot moves the nutrunner to the bit changing machine and places it in stand-by position. Depending on the execution of the BWA, the bit is disconnected automatically or with the support of the robot.

(2) This removes the bit from the DSM quick release and picks it up from the previously raised bit holder. The vertical lifting unit moves the bit holder down, places it at the assigned tool place and then moves into the change position.

(3) The horizontal lifting unit moves to the bit required for the tightening, the vertical lifting unit moves downwards, picks up the bit holder and
(4) moves upwards. The bit is connected automatically or with the support of the robot. The empty bit holder is placed at the corresponding tool place.


  • Vertical lifting unit
    Stand-by position / adaptor, designed for nutrunners with DSM quick release element
    Holder with automatic bit change function
    Pneumatic linear drive
    Stroke max. 200 mm / max. 300 mm
  • Horizontal lifting unit
    Linear slide with 2 or 5 tool places
    Bit holder locking