Robot app­li­ca­ti­on

Bit chan­ging machine

Bit chan­ging machi­ne BWA with ver­ti­cal lif­ting unit for moving the bit hol­der – uncou­pling and cou­pling of the bit, hori­zon­tal lif­ting unit with tool pla­ces – moves the respec­ti­ve bit hol­der into position.

Bit chan­ging machine


(1) The robot moves the nutrun­ner to the bit chan­ging machi­ne and pla­ces it in stand-by posi­ti­on. Depen­ding on the exe­cu­ti­on of the BWA, the bit is dis­con­nec­ted auto­ma­ti­cal­ly or with the sup­port of the robot.

(2) This remo­ves the bit from the DSM quick release and picks it up from the pre­vious­ly rai­sed bit hol­der. The ver­ti­cal lif­ting unit moves the bit hol­der down, pla­ces it at the assi­gned tool place and then moves into the chan­ge position.

(3) The hori­zon­tal lif­ting unit moves to the bit requi­red for the tigh­tening, the ver­ti­cal lif­ting unit moves down­wards, picks up the bit hol­der and
(4) moves upwards. The bit is con­nec­ted auto­ma­ti­cal­ly or with the sup­port of the robot. The empty bit hol­der is pla­ced at the cor­re­spon­ding tool place.


  • Ver­ti­cal lif­ting unit
    Stand-by posi­ti­on / adap­tor, desi­gned for nutrun­ners with DSM quick release ele­ment
    Hol­der with auto­ma­tic bit chan­ge func­tion
    Pneu­ma­tic line­ar dri­ve
    Stro­ke max. 200 mm / max. 300 mm
  • Hori­zon­tal lif­ting unit
    Line­ar sli­de with 2 or 5 tool pla­ces
    Bit hol­der locking