Handling systems

HSA series

Precise, reaction-free and extremely light handling over the entire action radius of the swivel arm. Absorption of all reaction forces and compensation of the torque for safe, simple and effortless assembly.

VFixed sequences have to be observed by a lot of applications of the hand-guided and the semi-automated assembly. Equipped with XY sensors and integrated positioning electronic, the handling swivel arm extends the functionality of your tightening system.
The PoSys positioning electronic monitors in conjunction with a higher-level control system that the required sequence is observed. No screw will be forgotten and even complex tightening sequences can be specified and monitored. Or you select the corresponding sequence program on your DSM control system via the screw position.


HSA series


Advanced handling – precise, reaction-free, clever

  • Handling swivel arm
  • HSA (without sensors)
  • HSA-XY (with integrated position monitoring)

HSA-40 | HSA-40-XY

  • Reaction torque up to max. 40 Nm
  • Tool weight max. 5 kg
  • Operating pressure max. 6 bar

Long execution

  • Operating radius min. 391 mm, max. 883,5 mm
  • Length of stroke, up max. 269 mm, down max. 283 mm

Short execution

  • Operating radius min. 262 mm, max. 717,5 mm
  • Length of stroke, up max. 61 mm, down max. 99,5 mm


HSA-150 | HSA-150-XY

  • Reaction torque up to max. 150 Nm
  • Tool weight max. 15 kg
  • Operating radius min. 491 mm, max. 1151 mm
  • Length of stroke, up max. 317 mm, down max. 260 mm
  • Operating pressure max. 6 bar

HSA-300 | HSA-300-XY

  • Reaction torque up to max. 300 Nm
  • Tool weight max. 25 kg
  • Operating radius min. 637 mm, max. 1500 mm
  • Length of stroke, up max. 351 mm, down max. 426 mm
  • Operating pressure max. 6 bar

Further information

Equipment options

  • Standard handle (HG)*
  • Handle with start button (HG-S)*
  • Handle with start button and programme changeover (HG-S-PG)*
  • Universal tool holders
  • Tool holders for DSM nutrunners

*Addition -ESD:  ESD version of the respective handle