Customer benefits

DSM from A to Z

We are continually further developing our technologies and aligning them with the individual requirements of our customers. Indeed, DSM customers currently have a choose:

In addition to a standard range with many variants, we offer high-performance, tailored special productions and unique items in the tightening technique, press-in technique and quality assurance fields of application.

Regardless of which DSM product is chosen, it will be designed and produced in our headquarters in Aalen.

Software and hardware development, production, mechanical processing, quality testing… All at one site, all defined by our Swabian inventive spirit, our precision, expertise and our commercial way of thinking – in brief:

everything the DSM brand represents

In addition to an extraordinary wide range of products, this manufacturing depth allows us a high degree of flexibility and quality: Within no time at all, DSM is able to convert specific customer demands into market-ready, high-quality, and reliable products.

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