Measuring technique

QS Components

The QS Box is a digital measurement system for the quality assurance of process operations.

The countermeasurement device can be used for monitoring and checking as well as adjusting or calibrating tightening and press-in systems. This flexibility enables use of plug-in modules for the most common measuring sensors.

This means that each sensor type can be equipped with the right measuring module.

QS Center software


The QS Center software forms part of the digital measuring system for online measurement with the QS Box and provides a lot of features.


  • Adjustable physical measured variables
    y: Torque [Nm / Ncm / ftlb], force [kN / N]
    x: Angle (degrees), distance [mm]
  • Management, parameterisation of measuring processes
  • Assignment of the tool to be tested to the measuring process
  • Storage of the tool designation and sensor designation
  • Parameterisation option of the measuring process for offline mode and saving the process to CF card
  • Representation of graph curves and results with evaluation window
  • Graphic online mode, displaying of graphics during measurement
  • Array of curves for analysing the range of variation
  • Statistical analysis, statistical values and statistical histogram
  • Create calibration certificate dependently of statistical analysis
  • Test functions

QS Plug-in module


The flexibility of the QS Box enables use of replaceable plug-in modules for analogue and digital measuring signals.

With a suitable measuring module, each measuring sensor is compatible with the QS Box.


  • Slide-in modules for analogue and digital measuring signals: DSM-Digital, ±1 mv/V, ±2 mV/V,
    4-20 mA, ±5 V, ±10 V, ±15 V
  • Synchronisation input for rotational angle and distance check
  • 2 LED status display
  • Sensor interface, SYNC interface

The full potential of the QS-Box is reaped with DSM-Digital

  • Insensitive signal transmission
  • Direct status indicator on the measuring sensor
  • Automatic recording of sensor data
  • Automatic setting of measuring parameters

SCI module


SCI (=Sensor Converter Intelligent) converts analogue signals to digital ones and enables signal transmission which is insensitive to interference.

The SCI module is permanently connected to the sensor, as the data of the sensor is stored in the integrated parameter memory module.

The connection to the QS Box is established via the DSM-Digital measuring module.


  • Internal analogue / digital converter
  • Illuminated ring for status indicator
  • SCI-compatible sensor types: 1 mV/V, 2 mV/V, DMS 300 ohm, DMS 1000 ohm, active sensor 5 V output, active sensor 10 V output

We are converting your analogue sensors: Equipped with the SCI module, each existing sensor can be connected to the digital interface of the QS-Box.
This opens up all the benefits of the DSM digital measurement system in a cost-effective manner.