#Thread testing

Accurate thread testing is becoming
incre­asingly important in series production.

Our thread testing techno­logy is built upon the MultiPro 3G control system and is speci­fi­cally designed for automated testing of both internal and external threads using thread gauges when paired with our dedicated thread testing nutrunner. In view of the incre­asing importance of precise thread testing in modern series produc­tion processes, we have developed this technology.

A new dimen­sion in thread testing is opened up by using the DSM test nutrunner with changeable thread gauges in combi­na­tion with intel­li­gent measu­re­ment technique. This not only enables automated and stable testing proce­dures but also compre­hen­sive documen­ta­tion of the entire process.

Thanks to the modula­rity of our nutrunner and control system, the equip­ment can be flexibly adapted to indivi­dual requi­re­ments. Whether it’s the nutrunner itself, the low-backlash output adapted to it, an attachable position sensor, or the execu­tion of the thread gauge – our inspec­tion system enables the efficient testing of all threads in your production.

By the way: The optional monito­ring function can also be used in conven­tional tightening processes, where it is possible to measure and analyse the screw depth in addition to the torque and angle of rotation and use it as a preset parameter.

The benefits of our thread testing solution can be summa­rised as follows:

• Compact design, based on standard tightening system.
• Flexible test strategy with up to 99 possible test steps.
• Gentle screw-on pressure thanks to spring elements (optional adjus­table).
• Storage of up to 128 diffe­rent test programmes.
• Optional: Special test gauge holder to compen­sate small alignment errors by decou­pling the gauge from the axis of rotation.
• Optional: The automatic changeover unit allows for the automatic switching of the inspec­tion gauge or, in case of a malfunc­tion, its disconnection.