Control systems


The MultiC­lassic allround control system is equally suited to simple and complex assembly work.

With this system, hand-held nutrun­ners and built-in nutrun­ners of the DS series with direct torque measu­re­ment and all press-in units of the QMP / SMP series can be controlled.



Both manual worksta­tions and automatic stations can be equipped with the control system.

Thanks to the DSM system bus, the networ­king of several devices can be conve­ni­ently performed on a multi-channel system.

  • 2.7 inch LCD display with lighting
  • Graphic display of measured values
  • 6 LED status indica­tors for torque and rotational angle / force and distance
  • Function keys
  • Traceable calibra­tion
  • Programming and parame­ter­i­sa­tion via MultiControl4 software
  • Freely programmable processes
  • Automatic self-test of the control system and connected DSM tool
  • Automatic calibra­tion test of the measured value sensor
  • Ring storage, max. results storage 500 data records
  • 2 statis­tics memories per programme
  • External memory (backup and produc­tion memory) CF-Card 128 MB

Hardware options

  • Fieldbus connec­tion: Profibus, Profinet / Profibus Proxy connectors
  • DSM system bus for networ­king, connec­tion of DSM accessories
  • TCP/IP module
  • MSI inter­face for connec­tion to safety equipment


  • IO exten­sion: Exten­sion of the inputs and outputs
  • ToolCon­trol – tool manage­ment, monito­ring of tool removal
  • Handling system / position electro­nics for monito­ring XYZ coordinates
  • Status indica­tion: external status indicator
  • DCM exten­sion: for control­ling an external DC motor
  • DSM printer PR-II