Control systems


The MultiPro allround control system is equally suited to simple and complex assembly work.

Equipped with a variety of functions, the scope of services of the MultiPro can be tailored to the assembly process.

With this system, hand-held nutrunners and built-in nutrunners of the DS series with direct torque measurement and all press-in units of the QMP / SMP series can be controlled.



Both manual workstations and automatic stations can be equipped with the MultiPro control system.

Thanks to the DSM system bus, the networking of several devices can be conveniently performed on a multi-channel system.

  • 5.7 inch LCD display with lighting
  • Graphic display of measured values
  • 6 LED status indicators for torque and rotational angle / force and distance
  • Function keys and keyboard block
  • Traceable calibration
  • Programming and parameterisation directly on the device or via MultiControl4 software
  • Freely programmable processes
  • Single step mode (test of the programme sequence)
  • Automatic self-test of the control system and connected DSM tool
  • Automatic calibration test of the measured value sensor
  • Ring storage, max. results storage 500 data records can be viewed on the device
  • 2 statistics memories per programme
  • External memory (backup and production memory) CF-Card 128 MB

Hardware options

  • Fieldbus connection: Profibus, Profinet / Profibus Proxy connectors
  • DSM system bus for networking, connection of DSM accessories
  • TCP/IP module
  • MSI interface for connection to safety equipment


  • IO extension: Extension of the inputs and outputs
  • ToolControl – tool management, monitoring of tool removal
  • Handling system / position electronics for monitoring XYZ coordinates
  • Status indication: external status indicator
  • DCM extension: for controlling an external DC motor
  • DSM printer PR-II